Likes, tweets, updates, check-ins, hashtags. And what on earth is an ‘emoji’? Social Media Marketing Wimbledon services are for you if you need help with these things!

Social media can sometimes feel like another language. And it can be a fairly intimidating world to get your head around, especially if you’re only using it to keep in contact with family and friends. And sure, Facebook, for example, was originally set up for that – but we won’t bore you with the well-known story of Zuckerberg and his Harvard network.

Social media has well and truly exploded in the digital space over the past decade. Facebook now has over 1bn monthly users. And before you feel sorry for Twitter with their modest 320million, embedded tweets invite 1bn unique visits each month. Photo sharing apps like Instagram average about 40million pictures per day. And we’re not sure how many arty shots of peoples’ food that is.

It’s a huge, slightly scary picture of the world today. But for businesses, it’s really not something that can be ignored. A great way to have an easily accessible, online presence is to put yourself onto social media.

And how can you make sure you’re doing that right? A social media strategy…

A company can really maximise its brand on a social platform. It allows for easy, sharable content and enables you to instantly see how your posts are performing. Customers and prospects can engage with your brand, while any queries or issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. You may have heard about companies who’ve responded to criticism in really comical ways, or solved customer service queries so fast that it’s boosted their brand. Remember the teenager who tweeted Virgin Trains about running out of toilet paper in one of their carriages? An employee came to his rescue immediately and it made a great story.

So with so many social media sites, which is best for your company?

Facebook – with so many users, it makes total sense to set up a company page here. You can post pictures, videos, create competitions and engage effortlessly with commenters on the page. You’ll get a great idea of the types of people you’re attracting to better refine your content. With the ability to boost certain posts, advertising is simple and effective.

  • Twitter – this can be a great customer service tool, as demonstrated by Virgin and many others. Plus, news breaks faster on Twitter than anywhere else, which is handy to stay on top of things. You’re also able to promote tweets, create voting polls and follow topical and relevant hashtags to tailor your newsfeed.
  • LinkedIn – used for professional networking mostly, but this could be ideal if you’re trying to break into a certain market. You can publish articles, images and infographics and start discussions easily with groups you want to appeal to. Also, LinkedIn is a great recruitment tool. Again, you can promote posts to reach a wider audience.
  • Instagram – the photo-sharing app allows you to tell a story with pictures. Hashtags also give you better visibility, so if you’re up-to-date with the most viewed keywords, people can find your content with no trouble. If your brand is very visual, Instagram is a fantastic outlet, plus with Facebook as a parent, customers can share your images far and wide.
  • Pinterest – this platform, again, works well for a visual brand. Profiles have a number of themed ‘boards’ and each picture on a board links to the host website. You may have seen the Pinterest add-on for your web browser – people can pretty much pin any image, with a direct link back to the source. The majority of users are female, so you can really use this network to your advantage.

Learning how to utilise these platforms to their full potential can be tricky, but a comprehensive social media marketing strategy will line things up to suit you and your business.

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