Any company operating online will generally know, or have heard of the term, search engine optimisation, or SEO for short. But for many people, they might understand bits and bobs about the activity, but not actually grasp how important having a handle on it really is. A great and reliable way to grow your business is through SEO. And if you’re in the right hands, you could keep hitting target after target.

So what actually is SEO?

It’s the process of improving your search engine rankings and getting your business on Google’s number one page for terms relevant to what you’re selling. Essentially, you want your links to be so good that other websites link to you too, showing Google that your pages are awesome. Then as time goes on and more and more websites feature links back to yours, the search engine recognises you as being relevant and authoritative. This results in better chances of your target audience coming across your site when they’re looking around on search engines. Easy, right? Well, not quite…

Where do you even start?

You have your target audience for your products or services, so now you need to figure out what they’re likely to search for online. With this, you also have to look for common search terms – that way you can include words and phrases that are already searched for quite a lot and include them in the copy on your website. This makes it more likely to send traffic your way. Another thing to keep an eye on is the strength of the sites that already rank for the popular terms you’re using. This helps to not only work out where your competition is, but also if there’s any way you can get a leg-up on your rivals.

Ranking for search terms

With the above considered or taken care of, it’s time to take a look at the content you’re producing. You want to use your key phrases as much and wherever possible (without making copy sound repetitive, of course). You’ll have key areas on your webpages that will more effective than others when it comes to incorporating those common search terms. Make sure you have well thought-out, intelligent content that uses your power phrases to really maximise your SEO. Now you’re ready for the world to link to your site. For Google to decide where you’ll land on their search pages, there’ll need to be a host of other websites who’ve deemed your website relevant and interesting. The more external websites that have a link back to yours, the higher you’ll rank. And if these sites are really popular, with millions of unique visitors every day (like a news channel, or blogging haven), then that’ll help you even more. Our team can not only help your company improve its SEO ranking, but we can also maintain it. After all, reaching your target is only half the battle, you’ll need to defend your position to keep you on top…

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