So you’ve got people to your website: traffic’s flowing, your online presence is coming along nicely – so now what?

Now you want those people to convert. Okay great! But convert to what?

Conversion can be for a sale, an email sign up or even completing a survey – it’s whatever you wanted those visitors to do in the first place. What were you directing all that traffic to? Ultimately a high conversion rate is a key metric for you because it shows you’re completing that specific goal.

As simple as it sounds, there are a fair few variants that go into making sure that people are converting. Our services can help you with these – here are a few to have a think about…

  • A/B testing – you may have ideas for a landing page or an email campaign for example. An A/B test basically determines the effectiveness of your ideas. One landing page may have a certain layout and heading, in a selection of colours with several buttons or click-throughs. The other may be a lot simpler. You can test out your two designs with two flows of traffic. Does one perform better than the other? Are you getting more conversions from the A test or the B? Then you can work out changes to get the most out of your visitors.
  • Customer journey – put another way, how are your customers behaving? The journey incorporates where the customer’s come from, where they go next, what’s motivating them and what they’re interacting with. Understanding their habits can help you to best identify where the best place is to place the point of conversion. If the internet’s taught us anything, it’s that behaviour changes, however, so the key is to continually analyse this to make sure you’re not losing people after time.
  • Copy optimisation – have you ever clicked through to a webpage and been hit with a tidal wave of words? Blocks and blocks of copy that, let’s face it, you’ll skim-read at best. But you’re probably more likely to go find something more interesting to look at, or at least easy to digest. So what you’ll need to get a handle on is producing copy in a quantity and format that works for your website and your visitors. Get to the point, make your words relatable, answer the questions that the readers want to hear and offer a powerful call-to-action that they can’t ignore.

And there are plenty more to get your head around: segmentation, competitor benchmarking, website personalisation, usability testing… the list goes on. Our team can help to identify what works with your customers. Every audience is different, so it may be that you need a colourful selection of tools. Leave that to us.

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